African poetry


I’m expecting a son mama
Don’t be upset mama
I’ve clothed you shame mama
The son is Arap kirui’s son mama
I’m expecting

It’s hard for you mama
I know
Papa is going to blame you mama
Chase us three mama
The society is going to mock us mama
But I don’t care mama
The son is Arap kirui’s son
I’m expecting

I’m gonna treasure the pregnancy mama
It’s the fruit of our love mama
I promised to make him a father mama
He was happy with the news mama
The son is Arap kirui’s son

You remember the day I was late from the village’s year celebration??
The day I wore my tight right costume?
The day I wore my best perfume??
The day I danced my best??
I visited my champ mama
At his house mama
Our blood cooked hot mama
And he planted his seeds mama
I swore to him I’ll keep it mama
The son is Arap Kirui’s son
I’m expecting

So we plan for a show up mama
I’m ripe I’m full I’m grown mama
Lemmy go start a home and be a mama mama
I’ll be a woman, a right woman just like you mama
The son is Arap kirui’s son

Let’s call a Koito soon mama
My belly is growing faster mama
My chest is bursting mama
The best kitenge is becoming small mama
Lets hurry before the pregnancy shows out mama
The pregnancy is his



I feel like crying…


I feel like crying..
I feel like crying maybe it will make me sleep..
For the night is boring your absence is so present..
You keep fresh memories but in blinks
You made me addicted to smooth chests
Around me circled by your arms
My pillow sucks I’m rending
It makes me angry that you miss me as I do..
I feel like crying..

I feel like crying
I feel like crying maybe it will keep me busy..
This cold darkness is loosing my hope..
It’s reminding me how hot when with you..
Yes I need that late night chat cuddled around you..
I miss you baby..
I feel like crying

I feel like crying..
I feel like crying maybe it will calm my hunger for you..
I need you believe me and right now
I can only fantersize the monster in you ..
It makes me tired of wishing you were here for the blue..
The sweet whispers..
The tickles on my neck..
The Moans with passion..
The feeling of satisfaction
I’d cherish, I’ll keep it a secret..
I feel like crying

I feel like crying
I feel like crying maybe the night will sympathise
with me
What a sleepless occasion!
With the cloudness of the sky
And coldness makes a hideous sight
It’s hard to stay awake so idle..
Still mind,dumb,numb,no cuddle..
A sick night
I feel like crying

I feel like crying
I feel like crying maybe it’ll move the frozen time
Your absence just like the star’s make the world dull
Your company makes my world full..
I need no more
I feel like crying


Good bye my love


I seated back as she slayed swang her gorgeous hips
I felt like running after her grab strip them naked
I was getting too much of her and not getting enough
The echoes of her moans couldn’t stop flashing in every time I saw any woman before me..
Not that I’m so much into that
But it’s again on other thing that takes us to a world known to Us two
Second after sitting outside an hour just watching to the moon..

She was disappearing into the streets
But I could hear her stilettos …and how they matched with her feet’s
A sudden cold took over my heart..
I hated the road and distance so much
I cursed the reason she left
Though it was compulsory that she goes back to her studies
I was a man I hold my tears not to come but
But was left waving bye to no one
Bye my love

My house feels so void
Only illusions of you keeps me company
I’m avoiding my room, to confront the loneliness of my bed
So I’ll be sleeping on the coach waiting for you
I don’t know if I’ll go cooking
The plates and spoons are so boring
But I’m left with no choice
But bye

The roses I bought you are so beautiful
How comes I never realized? Maybe I was too busy reading your body
I don’t know how to water them and keep them live
The sketches of you in my room keep my soul hoping
It’s like a movie I’m not sure of.. I was fond of you

Your kisses keeps me biting my lips
The imagination on my head don’t just fit with the reality on my side
I feel so much in love
I keep falling in love with my bathroom
Maybe because of your bathing detergents that keeps your smell so fresh in my nostril
Hope you coming soon

Beb I found your nose stud we lost last night
Think I was so rough during the blue game
The next I’ll eat you whole
Hey just come back soon I miss you
But just bye for now..


In a minute…

In a minute
And love filled my world like air fills the atmosphere
Romance dragged away my past like there is no choice
I was feeling from my brains to my heart to my downs
My heart was melting while my knees freezing cold
I couldn’t make a move my life found a love spot
I was enjoying my space

In a minute
And something was whispering he was the one
My mind went blank I was filling in new memories
My heart s opening a new page defining what love was
Like I’ve never been in love this feeling was strange
Love is when I saw you and I felt so comfortable
Love is when your happiness is essential to my happiness
Love is when your show up kidnaps my mind
Love is when I flow down with tears thinking how good you are to me
Love is when I go blind to feeling you

In a minute
And I was growing addicted with your presense
My broken heart’s pieces turned to glowing stars
My red chubby cheeks broaden with smiles
Your smile robbing my courage I was blushing, bursting my space with love
I was a twig you came so strong like a wind you carried me away

I’m a minute
I felt beautiful
I felt protected
I felt belonging
I felt I was part of someone
I felt girlish
I felt a woman

In a minute
He was my North Pole I was south
He was my male version
He was my he word
He was my day I was the sunshine
He was my bear I was the teddy

In a minute
I was lazying my eyes for his lips
His fingers playing some nothings with my hairs I felt a lullaby
The long distance between us bowed
My hands was circling his neck
His palms curving my waist
In a minute


Explaining my depression to my EX

Every evening my head sets nearly breaking down from my neck
I remember every piece of peace we experienced sitting at the cliff watching the sun set
I remember every stones we threw down the cliff ..i can count them
We could watch together the debris disappearing into the abyss
I remember I told you how my love for you is like the stones we threw
That it grows deeper my heart each year month week day hour minute second name it

Your existence in my life is taking over my mind
I can’t stop having a series of serious flashbacks
Sometimes I forget myself to smiling silly in the air
I remember every kisses you stole
I remember every hugs from my back
I remember every talks walks laughs dances plays days we spent together
I see you smiling right to my face forcing me to smile shyly
I remember you more than the previous second

I have all the quarreles and fights stuck right here in my mind
I miss them
I miss when you will quarrel me to be a woman you want
I miss how you fought for my attention
I miss how you complained I slept early
I miss how you could get mad I delayed your text
Baby I miss having someone fighting for me
I miss someone craving my presence
I miss

I don’t have who to tell my fears fearing they will find them weird
I don’t have who to wake up late night to share my nightmare
I don’t have company during my sleepless nights

You left with my peace
You made me realize you were my right
You left exposing me to every kind of storms
My eyes raining tears washing down my happiness
I’m left helpless like a branch tattered by hailstorms


My sad story


What does not kill you makes you stronger, they say
But I’m different with my case
Instead it cripples me
I can’t pick the denial and build acceptance
I can’t pick betrayal to build trust
Like I used to until my heart was no more my other pieces is dying little by little….

I’m at the edge of the world where everything is meaningless
No life no life
What seems to be alive and rulling is the hurt and art in my heart
My past is haunting my present like it depends on it for life
And everytime I try fixing them with good my mind can’t cooperate
So I stand at the edge thinking the better is in the other world
I’m tired swallowing my tears to convince them I’m strong
Suicide is my opinion…

Sorrow is occupying me like air in the atmosphere
Then I think of the lovely moments with family
A little smile penetrates between my dull face
I saw how I was young, innocent and strong with life
I saw my parents used to give anything to make my life possible and happy
The the sadness reminds me it’s now my time to make them happy but I’m doing nothing about it
I feel guilt, I feel shame I feel disappointed
Then I’m smiling a bit remembering the moments I was singing before the church’s congregation
How the dance moves and the soloists made it happen
My faith and trust was strong
Again my head is sinks into my shoulder thinking the sleepless nights I’ve been praying and calling God
No replies..
Where did the faith go? ..

The fall of debris downhill incited me to follow them
Pahaps my life will be better there
Then a flashback of my love life came in like it was at the doorstep of my mind
How we used to throw stones down cliff when we were lost into each other
I remembered the beautiful moments beyond the moon and stars
My depression keep interrupting uncovering the wounded heart he left me with
My cheeks socked with tears and fists, I felt pressure and anger inside I was trying to regulate with deep breaths I took in turns to hold me a littlelonger
Just a little longer maybe….

I felt cold it was hot
I felt insane I was not
The sun was setting so lazy
A thought is coming in to get done with my troubles
Not to face a sunshine tomorrow
And escape my everyday sorrow
I tried taking a step to convince myself I was doing it
I was afraid again I was doing it the first time
Something was holding me
My heart was beating faster louder and pumping..
I saw it from the moves of my blouse
I closed my eyes.. I don’t want to see my death



You can’t shut a calling heart
You can’t assume an itching heart
You just can’t silence a bursting heart in your smiles
You can’t hide what you feel, your eyes can tell

Are you a zombie?
Like you smelled my hearts bleeding you came for it so fast
Or maybe a journalist
You heard I got a breaking heart, you were so convincing to hear me talk
Perhaps the god of sky’s you changed my hearts broken pieces to pieces of glowing stars..

And now you filling my vast ravishing my past
I believe God feeds the hungry hearts
And now he’s using you my angel in earth
I won’t regret your show up in my path
Had wanted I want I’m wanting all of you don’t mind my lust
It’s been long maybe it’s forming some dust,rust
Loneliness sucks

I’m dancing a tune of your heartbeat in my dreams
Then I wish for a moment I could have you out of my mind to kiss you
I can’t help taking glances of you second after second
You complete my second world I can second that
But first take my heart ❤